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Vancouver Coffee Snob Q&A SESSION 18: KELLY FROM TUTTI

Friend of the Swagman brand Kelly Servinski recently bought a 1977 Fiat 500 and launched a mobile coffee service.  Check out his interview with

Q&A Session 18: Kelly from Tutti 

I recently had a nudge from Alison at Espressotec about an interesting new coffee entrepreneur I might be interested in meeting. A couple of emails and a short drive to Squamish later and I was sitting in Kelly Servinski’s kitchen, chatting with him and his wife about “Tutti”, their incredible new mobile coffee shop / classic car!

Kelly was nice enough to answer a bunch of my questions about what Tutti is and when we can all drink his tasty coffee.

Tell us a little about Tutti and what you do?
“Tutti” is a fully restored 1977 FIAT 500 Giardiniera that was imported from Italy. I was lucky enough to find it and buy it this spring. It is a very rare car and has some super cool features like suicide doors and a soft top. It was born in Italy and now Squamish is it’s home!

“Tutti” translates to “everyone” in Italian and I thought that was a fitting name for the car in a cute type way but also the idea behind Tutti is to make people happy through the things it does out in the community. Travelling to Italy many times over the years I always liked it when I would be in a cafe and a local would come in and say “ciao tutti!” to their friends, it had such a fun and warm feeling to it that stuck with me. That is the vibe I want people to feel when they connect with little Tutti. My two passions are coffee and cycling so Tutti will focus on doing mobile espresso at events, support on cycling group rides, helping brands with creative advertising and whatever else is meant to come its way. When people see it they always smile and that’s a good place to start.


For the complete interview click HERE.







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