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Usage Agreement

Swagman Racks Instagram Image Sharing Agreement

Please review the Agreement before granting permission for Swagman Racks to post your image.

By agreeing #yes, you grant Swagman Racks approval to share and re-distribute the approved photograph for public display on Swagman’s Instagram account and to the general public for the purpose of marketing, promoting and improving our brand awareness. Swagman will respect the copyright of others, and will not pass any images as our own that are not rightly so.

  • Swagman may not publicly display the image without crediting the photographer.
  • Swagman may not modify or manipulate the photograph, or put it up for sale. The photographer will retain all rights, title and ownership in the image.
  • Swagman may not sublicense or sell the image on its’ own under any circumstances.
  • Swagman does not take responsibility of third parties from accessing, reposting and or duplicating the image.
  • Swagman will not falsely represent, express or reasonably imply that this image was created by them or a person other than the copyright holder.

By agreeing to the above, you grant Swagman Racks royalty-free and non-exclusive, perpetual rights to use and publicly display your image. By agreeing, you also verify that this image or content was created originally by you or properly licensed to you.

Swagman respects copyright. If anything is wrong or you would like your image removed from our account please send an email with all the details to

An electronic hashtag #yes of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright’s interests will solidify the above agreement.