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The Impakt

the Impakt

a multi-purpose tool that will make an impakt on the way you transport your bikes.

The Impakt is designed to give you the ability to carry one bike upright by mounting the fork dropouts into the quick release or by using your bike's thru-axle quick release with the appropriate core. 

The Impakt can be used in multiple ways. It can be screwed down onto a truck bed or onto the truck bed rail or it can be installed into the utility track of your truck if it has a channel like some newer model Toyotas, GMC's and Nissans. If you mount the Impakt onto a utility track, you can slide it along the track and pick your placement. Tighten the Impakt with the theft-resistant torque bolt and you've got yourself a secure mounting system. A special wrench is included with the Impakt. 



  • Full cast aluminium one piece design
  • Fits 9-20 mm axles
  • Includes aluminum adapters to fit 9 and 15 mm axles
  • 20 mm thru axle adapator sold separately
  • 150 mm x 15 mm fat-bike thru-axle adaptor core with score lines at 142 mm and 138 mm cut to fit the various dropout widths sold separately
  • Theft resistant torque wrench and bolts included



Shown Above, the 9mm locking Q/R in use with the new Patrol Rack

Shown above, the 9mm locking Q/R in use with the new Patrol rack. 


Get the entire set up with new Patrol rack that comes with two Impakts

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