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The Drew Brothers

Meet the Drew Brothers


ACTIVITY: Pro Enduro rider and co-founder of The Ride Series


Currently living in: Bentonville, AR USA



ACTIVITY: Pro Enduro Rider and co-founder of The Ride Series


Currently living in: Phoenix, AZ USA



        The Ride Series

About the Drew Brothers and The Ride Series

1. Richard when did your passion for riding anything two wheels start?Easy, five years old. My older brother (Rob) by seven years was my hero and a high level BMX racer. I wanted to be just like Rob and I was hooked the moment I arrived at the BMX track for the first time. The one constant throughout my entire life has been bicycles and it’s brought me so much joy.

2. Rob your brother credits you for his passion for riding bikes. Where did that inspiration come from for you?ABC Wide World of Sports! My dream was to race motocross, but since my parents didn’t like that option, BMX took it’s place. Although I really enjoyed it, my heart was always longing for moto and I made the transition as soon as possible and Richard followed.

3. Richard – In what style of riding did you put on your first race number? BMX. It was at The Teen Center in Van Nuys CA. I believe starting in this discipline is what paved the way for me to excel in other facets of riding.

4. Rob when did you get into Enduro riding? I started riding mountain bikes as a way to stay in shape when I turned 40. The nuanced challenge of all mountain bicycle riding hooked me and, with my BMX and moto background, Enduro racing was a natural progression. My timing entering the sport timed perfectly with it’s rapid growth.

5. Richard you started The Ride Series in 2015 with your older brother Rob. What was the motivation for starting these instructional MTB clinics? It was simply a desire to help others grow their enjoyment of riding and to do it in a safer and more confident manner. Rob and I have both been very blessed over the years in our two wheeled endeavors. From BMX, Motocross, and now Enduro, we’ve ridden all over the world with some very talented people. All this experience has given us a wealth of knowledge and it only seemed natural to sit down and work out a curriculum to take riders of any level to the next level.  Rob, when your brother pitched The Ride Series concept to you were you on board instantly? Of course! Having already been doing it on a smaller scale here in Phoenix, I was confident we could take it to the next level. Being acutely aware of the need, I knew our backgrounds, and Richards experience as a facilitator.

6. Rob how sweet is it with The Ride Series to combine your passion for riding bikes with your brother while also sharing that enjoyment with the masses? Very sweet! As I’ve aged, there have been increasing concerns about my ability to be competitive at high level races.

With The Ride Series, I’ve discovered that the enjoyment and gratitude of seeing riders progress and enjoy themselves even more was far greater than the return of standing on any podium.

7. How has the response been to the clinics? Incredible! I receive feedback on a daily basis from past graduates telling me how much their confidence has improved and how much more they’re enjoying themselves. Seeing pictures of Strava PR’s and hearing stories of them tackling trails they once thought impossible is beyond gratifying!

8. Richard you recently relocated Dallas,Texas to Bentonville, Arkansas. Why the move? I’ve been hooked ever since my first visit there 8 years ago. Tom and Stuart Walton have made it their mission to make it the premiere mountain bike riding destination in the world and it’s my mission to help them succeed. Basing The Ride Series MTB Skills Clinics in Bentonville is my way of contributing to this amazing community and I couldn’t be more excited.

6. What keeps you guys busy when not hosting MTB clinics?  Richard: Hanging with my incredible family, wife Sarah and two year old boy Dex, doing anything we can to live a life of adventure! I also love training and riding as much as possible.  Rob: Running my small business, Drew Brothers Customs. It’s a full service collision and restoration shop in Phoenix. This also gives me the ability to fabricate and test multiple training implements for The Ride Series.