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Ted Morton

SPORT: Mountain Biking, BMX and anything on wheels

Location:  Kamloops, BC Canada

Riding Since:  BMX since i was 12, MTB since 22.


ABOUT Ted Morton

What is your biggest accomplishment in your mountain biking career?

Probably working in my local community to put on great mountain bike events, whether it’s kids lessons, guided rides or working with youth that aren’t as privileged. I also own/operate the BC Enduro Series and the Canadian National Enduro Series.  Still nothing compares to watching a kid ride off their first curb, or lay their first skid, It’s a moment that you know they’ll never forget!

What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?

A lot of my time is actually spent at the computer coordinating events, so a key to my training is actually managing time effectively.  How I manage it, is always pencilling in an hour of fun a day, whether it’s riding, splitboarding, really anything outside.

The other important one for on-bike training is a program. I’m not a huge training geek, I’d rather just have fun and send some jumps, as I’m getting older and have more admin time, I realize that having some structure helps me ride harder, further and recover faster.  To be honest this is only my second winter ever with a ‘program’, I like the reward, but sometimes it feels like a job!

What are some of your goals this season?

  1. Put on some of the best mountain bike events in Canada, by making sure they have a relaxed atmosphere with the best trails!
  2. Not get injured – I broke my kneecap last year, so I’m trying to stay off the injury list
  3. Jump more – I love jumps!
  4. Write more – I’d like to showcase a few of the amazing communities I go to, throw some creative writing about my experiences with the local scene

What would be a dream goal?

Ride my bike everyday….wait, I think I do that…To become a pro surfer

What is your biggest challenge, and what do you do to manage this challenge?

Sitting still – I find it difficult sometimes to not be active.

Most of role models are people in my local community, from athletes, to friends, to local business owners.  My partner Keri is a huge inspiration and role model for me, she’s so driven, it makes the self driving car seem lazy.  My dog Cadence is also a role model, she inspires me because she’s so mellow, yet she’s always ready for anything.  That and she legitimately enjoys every moment outside, no matter how significant.

What is your favourite Swagman rack? What do you like about it?

Easy question, SEMI 4.0 with the SEMI 4.0 Add-on.  It’s super strong, you’re bikes never get scratched, and the integrated lock is always there.  All the handles, levers and clips are all in the right place, it seems like a no-brainer, but when you’re shuttling hundreds of times over the course of the year, the little things make all the difference.  Steel is Real!