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Seth Proulx-Royds

Seth Proulx-Royds

AGE: 10

SPORT: Cycling (MTB, DH, XC, DJ, BMX, Road, Cyclocross)

HOMETOWN:  Kelowna, BC  Home Mountain: Silverstar Resort

Favourite Swagman Rack: The new Semi 4.0 with the add on, and the new Patrol system. I like that both are very solid and there is no frame contact, and you can easily access the bikes. 




When did you start riding?

I started on the run bike at 1, I now use it on my tramp to learn tricks! I started pedaling my Norco Shogun at 2 1/2, my dad still has kept all of our bikes, they're hanging in the garage!

What is your biggest accomplishment in your mountain biking career?

Being featured in both Spawn Cycles and SR Suntour MTB edits for 2015. 1st place at the inaugural (2015) Bear Mountain AmJam Dirt Jump comp. 7th place overall in the Crankworx, Whistler B-Line DH race.

What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?

I don't think about riding my bike as training. Honestly, I just like to ride my bike everyday and have fun...

What are some of your goals this season?

I'd really like to achieve a top 20 in the A-Line DH and a top 10 in the Kids Enduro and top 5 in the B-Line DH at Crankworx, Whistler, 2016. I also want to stomp the XL DJ line at the Whistler river jumps, it looks so fun!! But mostly, I just want to have fun and find new adventures on my bike with Family, Ruby "the super dog" (our family border collie) and Friends...

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Who are your role models?

Nature and simply being in the mountains inspires me to ride my bike. I don't really have any specific role models, I just love the sport of cycling. 


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