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Pete Ostroski

SPORT: Enduro MTB – Rocky Mountain Enduro team

Currently living in: Sutton, VT USA

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Competition Calendar:

  • May- 26-27 Big Mountain Enduro, Santa Fe New Mexico
  • June- 2-3 Eastern States Cup Enduro Thunder mtn, Massachusetts
  • June 30-July 1 Enduro World Series, Slovenia
  • July 21-22 Enduro World Series, La Thuile Italy
    • 28-29 Enduro East, Thunder Mtn, Massachusetts
    • 11-12 EWS/Crankworx Whistler
    • 25-26 EWS Continental Enduro Series NorthStar, CaliforniaAugust 4-5 EWS Continental Enduro Series Aspen, Colorado
  • September 15-16 EWS Continental Enduro Series Burke, Vermont
    • 26-30 Trans-Cascadia Enduro-Stage race. Oregon

About Pete

1. Do you remember when you first got hooked on riding bikes?  I was lucky enough to grow up in an active family, so we rode mtb at a young age, maybe around 7-8 years old. It has evolved into a passion and lifestyle that is hard to substitute.

2. You are a Rocky Mountain Enduro team rider. How long have you been with them? I have been on a Rocky Mountain bike since my first 26″ mtb at age 12. We started an Enduro team in 2014 and I have been on the different faces of the team over the years. Its great to be part of such a strong group of riders. You learn a ton from each individual and are motivated by the support of a group when going to events and riding together.

3. Favourite place you’ve raced a bike? Probably Finale Ligure, Italy. The Mediterranean, great trails, gelato and lively group of spectators make it an exciting venue. Pretty much anywhere in BC has been a highlight as well, since the trails and communities are so dialed and supportive of the sport.

4. You have some epic pics and video from Alaska. What’s your connection there for a New Englander? I moved up to Alaska after graduating college to work as an alpine ski coach. I really took to the amazing skiing and group of people up there. The riding and mountains are so beautiful, its hard to beat. I’m back in New England currently, but am making an effort to get up there as frequently as I can to visit friends, family and get some skiing in.

5. When you aren’t riding your bike what keeps you busy?  Skiing is a huge component of my life, it tends to consume me in the winter months, with both work and play. Backcountry skiing is also a passion that I try to make time for during the ski season. I try to get out and help with some bike trail work, hang at the local rivers, and get out for some hunting trips in the fall. Otherwise riding and bike related activities fill the calendar!