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Nathan Dent

SPORT: Duathlon/Triathlon


Currently living in: Lisle, IL USA


  • Batavia Duathlon (Illinois, USA) June 11th
  • ITU Multisport World Championship (Denmark) July 8th
  • Naperville Spring Duathlon (Illinois, USA) August 5th
  • Muncie Half Multi-sport fest (Indiana, USA) September 15th
  • 2018 Illinois Triathlon Championship (Illinois, USA) September 23rd (this one is tentative)
  • Dousman Duathlon (Wisconsin, USA) September 22nd (this one is tentative)
  • Run and Roll for the Dole (Illinois, USA) October 14th

About Nathan:

Of the three triathlon disciplines which one did you start with?  I started running competitively in 5th grade and by 6th grade I was the 2nd fastest in my school the only person faster was my older sister. I ran Cross Country as the 6th man. I was never the fastest on the distance team but I could compete in any event I was put in. I picked up cycling in High School but didn’t do my first multi-sport race till my late 20’s. I never realized tri’s and du’s were available to race. After my first race I was hooked.

Do you have any fond memories from your first triathlon? My first multi-sport race was up in Wisconsin. I raced with my aunt and uncle at a pretty competitive local race. I broke the cardinal rule the night before and swapped out my tires as they were warn. Of course at mile 4 (of 21) I flatted. After a 5 min delay (filled with anger and frustration) I was back on the course with more adrenaline than I have ever felt before. I ended up still getting 3rd in my Age Group because of my running. I learned so much that day and can’t thank my aunt enough ensuring I got back on course and in turn sacrificing her day.

You have a lot of duathlons on your 2018 schedule. Is it safe to say that swimming isn’t your favourite of the 3 disciplines? I love to swim, I truly do and doing Ironman I got plenty of it. However the saying is true though, “You can’t win a race from the swim, but you can lose it.” I separated both shoulders when I was younger and that has sadly impacted my ability to keep up with the top athletes in the water. When I race Du’s I am with them from start to finish. I race mainly Du’s because I feel that they are harder than tri’s to race. There is so much more to the race than just toeing the line and running hard and biking hard then running hard again. You have to be smart about when to attack or break away from a draft pack so you don’t burn out and get caught.

You recently accepted a spot on the USAT Duathlon Board.  What motivated that decision? Being on the board gives me the opportunity to help the sport grow throughout the United States and to help ensure our kids have greater access to races, training, and facilities.