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Jackson Goldstone

AGE: 12

SPORT: Mountain Biking

HOMETOWN: Squamish BC, Canada

Riding Since: 2 years old

Favourite Swagman Rack: The Semi 4.0 & Add On

"It fits all my bikes from 20’ to 26 inch, and my parent’s bigger bikes as well. It’s easy to load the bikes because it’s a tray, that’s low to the ground and I don’t have to lift my bike up to load it."

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ABOUT Jackson Goldstone

What is your biggest accomplishment in your mountain biking career?

There are a few accomplishments that I have done which I am really proud of, jumping Crab-apple hits at Whistler or the 50 Foot Mega ramp at Woodward West come to mind, but the most special is making it through the biggest set of jumps in Aptos, California. The Post Office Jumps have always been special to me, as I have seen them in many videos and photos and were probably the most famous jumps in the Mountain bike world. It was really special to do those jumps before they were torn down, and be part of the final trains with all of my favourite riders.

What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?

For me, the key to training is not to have it feel like training!  Mountain biking should fun so it never seems like training is work, even if it means a long climb to do a sweet descent; it’s still all part of the experience. As I get older I expect I’ll have to do more off season gym work, but for now it’s just about miles on the bike and keeping it fun.

What are some of your goals this season?

The first goal is to do well in the Downhill and dual slalom at the Sea Otter Classic.  This is the biggest race of the year for me, and I really like competing there. The course doesn’t play well to my strengths but I still seem to do well.  It’s the only time we get to race dual and that’s really fun.

After that I will be looking forward to racing at Crankworx, in August. It’s always fun to have everyone come to Whistler and I hope to do well this year.

What would be a dream goal.

Dream Goal? Winning both the Downhill World Cup and Crankworx slopestyle, but I’d settle for either one.

What is your Biggest Challenge, and how do you manage this challenge?

Even as great as Squamish is, there are several months where it’s really hard to get out riding in the winter, because it’s too dark or wet.  It’s good to have an off-season, but it would be great to have the opportunity for some indoor riding in the winter.  We make a coupe trips per winter to California to ride, but I’m hoping that we get an indoor riding center in Squamish next year.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Who are your role models?

With so many videos on the internet, it’s easy to see other riders doing cool things, and get inspired by them, either racing, freeriding or BMX.  When I’m watching a video, I try and picture myself doing those tricks or whatever and then give it a try next time I can.  As far as role models go, Jake Kinney is my biggest inspiration. He’s the closesy thing I have to a coach, more like an older brother. He’s got amazing bike skills and is a great human being. Without a doubt, he’s been the biggest influence on my riding.

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