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Cody Belter

AGE: 33

SPORT: Mountain Biking

HOMETOWN: Lethbridge,  AB, Canada

Favourite Swagman Rack: XTC2 & 4 

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I have been biking since I was a kid. I road in a few XC competition as a kid with a fully rigid MTB with cantilever brakes. I found BMXing in my early teens and got back into mountain biking once the freeride movement started.  Over the recent years I have been on lots of bike trips and am riding harder than I ever did as a kid.

I started out sweeping floors in the local bike shop and moving up to managing a shop for a short while. After about 7 years working in the retail bike industry, I started looking in different industries for work but never without day dreaming of biking all day, every day. I don't bike at a competitive level anymore. I find myself with my group of friends pedaling or shuttling to the top of the trail head. All that matters is how many mountain ranges I have ridden and how many vertical feet I have descended that season.

My every first Swagman rack was the XTC-2. I fell in love with the tray style system. It was easy and carried my bikes safely. There was no other way to haul my bike around with my SUV at the time. I upgraded to a XTC-4 and was great for a few more years until I bought the Jack Knife-4. I'll be getting a Tailwhip tailgate pad soon! Stoked for that.