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Brandon Johnson


AGE: 20

SPORT: Downhill Mountain Biking

HOMETOWN: Chestermere AB, Canada

Currently living in: Nanaimo, BC

Riding Since: 2008

Favourite Swagman Rack: The Tailwhip Tailgate Pad

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ABOUT Brandon Johnson 

What is your biggest accomplishment in your mountain biking career?/ or career highlights:

It's no huge feat but for me my best moment is getting my first ever first place at a local Calgary race, was cool to be on the top of the podium.

What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?

For this season I made a big change by moving to the island. At the gym I try to put myself in race run scenarios and have been trying out the cross country scene which has completely boosted my cardio and bike handling skills.

What are some of your goals this season?  

My goals for this season are to make it out to as many races as I can, I love the race scene and vibe and am going to do the BC cup and hopefully a couple Canada Cups, and Whistler Crankworx. I want to get some podium spots in my current category and move up into the pro/elite category. I am going to race pro cat in the air DH at Crankworx and I want to place in the top 50 region or better. I really want to push myself this season and oh,  I want to stay away from the hospital haha, already had a couple trips there this season.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Who are your role models?  

I would say my inspiration comes from watching mountain bike films, inspirational songs and videos, reading features of how other pros made it to where they are, and just getting out on the bike and remembering why I love biking so much. My Role models/Heros would be my grandfather Morris Johnson, he has fought with MS for almost his whole life, and my Mountain bike heroes would have to be Cam McCaul, watching him in Seasons made me want to ride bikes, Gee Atherton and his focus. Steve Peat and Stevie Smith; I have never seen someone make a bike look so stable at such high speeds.

What is your favourite Swagman rack? 

My favorite Swagman rack is the Tailwhip, I love coming down the mountain and just throwing the bike over the tailgate and heading back up, road trips are super easy to just throw the little strap around the frame and the puppy ain't going anywhere.

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