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Alex Jackson

ACTIVITY: Overlander/Photographer

HOMETOWN: Abbotsford, BC Canada

Currently living in: A 1988 Toyota pickup

Ambassador Since: 2016


About Alex:

(In his own words) I was born in Duncan, British Columbia where I spent my first five years. As a child I spent the majority of my time outside exploring the forest surrounding my parents house. This immediate exposure to exploration of the outdoors fostered a later appreciation for all things outside. I’m most at peace surrounded by big landscapes and blue sky’s.

I’ve always been an artist; from pencil, paper and paint brush to 3D modeling then later to photography. I had always been attracted to photography as a means of capturing what the things that I saw; however, I never really pursued pursued it vigorously until I traveled to Alaska for the first time. My first overland trip to Alaska was what broke me into the world of travel and road-born adventure photography. From then I have continually developed on my skill set and have attempted to branch out to other forms of photography but have always come back and enjoyed capturing vehicle born travelers and how they interact with the landscapes around them.

Follow along at:

   @roaming_northamerica          @ajcmedia