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Cannondale 3 Rox Racing


SPORT: Mountain Biking

HEADQUARTERS: Toronto, ON, Canada

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Derek Sandstra

Raphael Gagne

Erin Huck

Keegan Swenson

ABOUT Cannondale 3 Rox Racing 

A New Era: 

On January 1st 2017, 3 Rox Racing officially began a new era with a new title partner – Cannondale Bicycles. This new chapter for the team welcomed not only a new title partner, but also two new riders to the program Raphael Gagne and Keegan Swenson and two riders we know well, Derek Zandstra and Erin Huck.

The History

Originally established in 1998 as a regional mountain bike team, Cannondale 3 Rox Racing has undergone a tremendous amount of growth and success over the past 15 seasons. The team started out small, with its main focus being on local races in Ontario. In the beginning, the goal was to support young riders and help them grow and learn about the sport. As support from sponsors has grown over the years, One thing is for certain, the team would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for the outstanding achievements of its athletes. As the program continues to grow, so do the team’s accomplishments!

The Team

The team is comprised of 4 athletes of varying ages. On the men's side, there is Derek Zandstra a Canadian Champion, Raphael Gagne , 2016 Olympian, and Keegan Sweenson, elite Men's USA Cycling 2nd place Bike Champion . On the women's side of the team is  Erin Huck, Pan Am Games Bronze Medalist.