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Christine Eikmeier

Elevator2 (3)

AGE: 23

SPORT: Downhill Mountain Biking


Favourite Swagman Rack: The Tailwhip Tailgate Pad


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My mom introduced me to mountain bikes as a young child, but at the time, I grew more interested in horses. Majority of my childhood consists of horseback riding for 15 years. After returning to camping in the mountains almost every weekend, I began pedaling again.  I started riding XC in 2012 on an entry level hard tail. A year later, I still had no knowledge of what a downhill bike was. Yet, after watching a friend race downhill at the local Fontana Southridge Winter Series, I was instantly hooked to downhill.  The adrenaline, speed, challenges; I had never felt so excited on my bike and felt accomplished that I could overcome what trail obstacles I would’ve thought to be impossible. I began racing in 2013 and in 2015 obtained my USA Cycling Pro license in downhill, enduro, and dual slolam.

Rather than a stable of horses, I created my bike barn. It consists of my Trek Madone carbon road bike, Specialized WC Epic XC bike, dirt jumper hard tail, Intense Tracer, Intense M9, and Turner DHR (My very first downhill bike, “The Pink Panther”). Today, many of my friends say that I am addicted to exercise. I disagree. I’m addicted to adventures.  Everyday I’m either riding my bike, running, or at the gym. Yes, my biggest fault is not always obeying the recovery days.


As a professional mountain bike racer, I travel frequently and love escaping the city for biking adventures. While traveling with several bikes (as it is often my mother, sister, and I each bringing our road bikes, trail bikes, and my additional downhill bike) comes the issue of safe bike transportation. My biggest irritation is unnecessary frame blemishes due to packing in too many bikes in the bed of a truck. If my bike is going to be scratched, it better reveal an exciting story from the mountain, not be due to a pedal or brake lever from the bike sitting next to it. I absolutely love my Tailwhip tailgate pad. It fits snug and securely on my Ford F250. One of its best features is the variety of daisy chains and Velcro straps, which enables me to place my bike in multiple areas on the tailgate. While using my previous tailgate pad, my Specialized carbon Epic would bounce around and fall over since it was so light weight. The straps on the Tailwhip securely hold it in place now and all of my bikes are in proper place while traveling. Best of all, no bikes scratching each other anymore.  

Check Out Christine this season:

  • SoCal Enduro series and downhill series.
  • Fontana Kenda Cup 
  • June 4th and June 18 Big Bear Enduro, Big Bear, CA
  • June 26th Vail Lake Enduro, Temecula, CA
  • July 12-17 USA Cycling National Championships, Mammoth CA



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